Holiday Home Insurance For Beginners

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Holiday Home

Like any other property, your holiday home also needs insurance. But many people confuse it with normal home insurance. So what is holiday home insurance? Let’s find out.

Many homeowners think that their normal home insurance will also cover their holiday homes, but this is not true. Your insurance company might refuse your home insurance for rental property if it finds out that they are covering a house which is not your main home. So for legal purposes, always, distinguish between your main and holiday home. In addition to that insurance companies find it riskier to provide cover for holiday homes as they are riskier since they are left empty during most time of the year which makes it very easy for burglars and thieves to get in and out.

Burglary at Home, home insurance, holiday home
Burglary at Holiday Home

Similarly, as the house remains empty for quite some time, homeowners also do not get the chance to check the electric cables or plumbing regularly which makes it riskier in a case of any accidents.

Like any home insurance policy, holiday home insurance is also divided into buildings and content insurance. Buildings insurance helps to protect your house from fire, storm, flood, gas pipe leak, plumbing defaults or any other damage caused to your home. It also includes cover for things outside of your house such as gates, fences, swimming pools etc.

Content insurance covers things which are not part of the building structure such as furniture, home appliances curtains etc. The contents insurance is very important if you are renting out your holiday home to guests since your private possessions might get damaged or stolen.

If you are letting out your holiday home, then you should also consider getting a public liability insurance. This insurance protects you from damage and expenses if anyone gets injured in your property. In addition to that, you also might want to get rent protection for your property if the house is uninhabitable due to fire or any other natural disasters.

Now, that you know what a holiday insurance is, you can choose the insurance company which provides the best holiday home insurance quote. And remember it is always better to be insured even if there are no accidents!

holiday home, home insurance, holiday home insurance
Holiday Home

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